How to Spam Yourself on Twitter

by Josh Opinion on May 23, 2013

(If you decide to read this, just note it is pretty much a rant on how much I hated myself for acting like a tool for trying to inflate my Twitter account a few years ago. There is no real point to this post other than don”t do what I did.)

There is a loop hole in growing your Twitter following that works pretty effectively.

If you look at the ratio of followers to following, you’ll notice something about those close to a 1:1 ratio… they all follow back.

99% of them have an auto-follower program that will follow back and will help start growing your account.

Some of those accounts are real. Most are spam.

Almost all are spam.

Who cares?

It looks like you have a huge following!

(That’s what she said)

Start using this technique enough and you’ll get placed on lists with the name “Team Follows Back”… then you get more people to follow you!

This is the perfect situation – it’s exactly where you want to be – more spam bots can easily find you – you’re officially a social media expert.

The only problem is, you’ll get spammed and then Twitter starts to suck.

Receiving the same messages from thousands of Forex traders, life coaches, and social media consultants (all who can make you rich while working from home) is not fun.

I used a program to clean it all up in 2 weeks. Problem solved. But I lost about 1500 followers :(


Twitter is fun again.

I now understand the meaning of serendipity.

Might have even seen a unicorn.


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