The time a priest yelled at me and a bunch of old people

by Josh Opinion on April 25, 2013

One Sunday a priest yelled at me.

… and an entire congregation filled with senior citizens.

He thinks I’m the one going to hell.


Because I didn’t bow during one part of the Apostle’s Creed.

He deemed it “disrespectful” and a necessary add-on to the hundreds of formal procedures requisite for a mass to go on.

That Sunday wasn’t the turning point where I turned a blind eye towards organized religion. I believe it has a place for some people. It shapes and challenges you to think. Hopefully it ends up in challenging who you are and your faith.

It did challenge me.

Diving into my faith moved me away from the church. My faith in God is stronger than ever. I just technically don’t have the backing of the church anymore.

Organized religion is no longer for me.

I grew up in a pretty religious household. Both parents were devout Catholics. I was sent to a Catholic school from pre-school to high school.

Church every week.

(sometimes twice a week)

You become quite accustomed to it.

Church elders will tell you to seek the Bible for answers to problems.

The Bible is sought as a reactive solution a lot of the times.

Problem XYZ happened.

What does the Bible say?

Repent and you’ll be less of a sinner.

It’s very easy to latch on to the Bible. It has a lot of check boxes for salvation if you look in the right places.

The Bible is one of my greatest teachers because I question Its answers. There is one next to me as I type this. There are 2 manuals of interpretations next to me too.

What people don’t tell you is to ask your own questions and find your own answers.

(You’re allowed to)

They don’t tell you that you find glimpses of faith when you search for the answer to your question, when logic has expired and you just have an instinct of what is right and wrong and what is.

My question was who is God.

I still don’t have a definition.

My definition however isn’t based in original sin and a systematic routine of prostrations, obedience, sacrifice, and repentance to wash away something we were “born” with.

I hope yours isn’t either.

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