Learning from an Analytics Custom Report

by Josh Opinion on April 29, 2013

Everyday at work I check a Google Analytics Custom report that I built.

Within 5 minutes, the report provides a pulse of how a few sites performed over any time period. Everything is built to focus on less than 5 metrics and what helped drove performance to those metrics.

The sad thing though is there’s no custom reports for your life.

How do you know how you stacked up from yesterday, week over week, month over month, etc.?

Everything I measure is really qualitative:

… I feel this way today versus yesterday.

… based on this one thing I did yesterday, today is better/worse.

… I feel better about how I went about task ABC.

Those are all feel good things. They’re necessary I guess, but they lack real performance benchmarks.

Going forward I’m mapping out 5 key things I want to improve on and placing it in a Google spreadsheet. Have it accessible at all times from anywhere.

The goal is simple,

  • +1 if I did something that made me advance towards improvement
  • 0 if I did some something that kept me on the same level
  • - 1 if I did something that took away from advancing

Tally everything up at the end of the week.

+SUM(Health:Finances) [lame Excel joke]

Simple enough.

We’ll see.

(Probably shouldn’t have ate that popcorn chicken at lunch. -1)

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