Feel like a fool, go to the gym

by Josh Opinion on April 30, 2013

It took me about an hour and a half to go to the gym this morning.

Woke up at wide awake at 4AM.

The little voice in my head told me to go back to sleep. My logic told me to go to the gym.

It went on and off like this for the next hour and a half (taking 10-15 minute naps in between, of course).

Finally I put on my shoes to get ready.

Then I laid back down.

That’s when I felt like a fool.

All suited up for the gym and I still was choosing to sleep?

Disappointed that was even an option, I headed out the door.

This was one of those rare instances making yourself  feel like a fool is constructive.

(on the dance floor, not so much)

  • Mansal

    Great insight into the human mind, Joshua. At times we all want to do what is “healthy” or “right” for our bodies, but there are plenty of times when shame / embarrassment with ourselves is the real motivation. Sometimes that is EXACTLY what we need.

    You got to the gym and that’s what matters.

    • http://joshuaopinion.com Josh Opinion

      Thanks Mansal. Sometimes it is effective to take an outside looking in approach… choosing to sleep with all your gym clothes? That was definitely a kick in the butt for me.

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