An Honest Look at Discipline

by Josh Opinion on April 26, 2013

If I’m honest with myself, I’m pretty lazy.

I convinced myself that’s OK because I’m pretty smart too.

Together that’s a bad combination.

You find some pretty creative ways to get shit done so you don’t have to deal with the way normal people handle things.

Handling stuff in a normal fashion takes too long.

But then it dawned on me I really lack a lot of discipline to follow through on stuff.

(By “stuff”, I mean the important things)

Following up with people.

Getting healthy.

Learning something new.

Creating experiences.

All that entails a high level of discipline.

When I try to push myself towards something, there’s a lot of pain.

Pain from frustrations of beginners mind when there is a lot of enthusiasm but you realize you suck because you really don’t understand what you’re doing. (ie right now its learning how to program)

Pain from stepping outside of your comfort zone. Being proverbially naked and exposed – vulnerable. (ie right now its going out on dates)

Discipline is what helps you cope with the pain to better yourself.

I’m lacking that.

To fill that void, cultivating discipline begins with the small things (at least in my head)

Eventually being disciplined in the small things will lead to being disciplined in the big things.

Compound interest for self improvement if you will.

Maybe it’s time to try this discipline thing out.

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