How to Search for Presentations and White Papers

by Josh Opinion on April 28, 2011

How to Find White Papers and Presentations

Established blogs, thought invoking bloggers, and even major websites share amazing, deep, and insightful information on the WordPress platform. Often times these are curated as a formal presentation, white paper, or case study. The problem is, sometimes these informative pieces are not published for regular public download or consumption. Often they are pieces distributed when signing up for a webinar or they are high value pieces of content exchanged for your e-mail.

Luckily with this advanced Google search query you can find hopefully find interesting content that expands your thinking or at least deepens your knowledge.

Use this Google Advanced Search Query to Find Interesting Content:

inurl:wp-content/uploads “<enter specific topic/keyword phrase/interest/whateveryoursearchingfor>” filetype:pdf OR filetype:ppt OR filetype:doc

How Does this Search Help Me?

A simple breakdown of what you are asking Google to do:

  • inurl:wp-content/uploads – If you use WordPress, you know this is where you are directed to store your media by default. In this part of the search query, we are asking Google to search this folder and only this folder
  • “<enter specific topic/keyword phrase/interest/whateveryoursearchingfor>” – In this party of the search query, I search for a very specific phrase, keyword, or topic. For my own searches, I use the quotations for an exact match. You can use broad search, but be ware it might not pull up exactly what you are looking for. When you run this search, you will have to filter through some junk stuff people put out there. The more specific, the better IMO.
  • filetype:pdf OR filetype:ppt OR filetype:doc – This tells Google to search for one of the following file extensions .pdf (Portable Document File), .ppt (Microsoft Powerpoint), .doc (Microsoft Word). I don’t know actual numbers, but I am inclined to say that 95%+ of presentations, white papers, studies, etc. are in this format. You can also throw in .xls (Microsoft Excel) to see if you can find some useful worksheets or calculators if it is relevant for what you are looking for.

I wonder what would happen if you replaced the inurl:wp-content/uploads with site:<insert site that provides you useful content>.


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