Emotions will be next

by Josh Opinion on December 20, 2010

There’s a lot of startups right now going in the direction of how to use information from social networks & social media and mash it up into something new and personalized. I think that that will be huge but there is still a negative connotation of using personal information to make the web relevant on an individual level. Personalizing the web will be huge and it won’t probably even break the surface in 2011.

Networks continue to evolve that allow people to connect with each other- whether it be childhood friends or complete strangers. The platforms are out there make it not only easier but also to target people by similar interests, goals, etc. You can make a lot of amazing opportunity to connect with fresh and innovative minds simply by focusing your search criteria on the social web.

What will be interesting is to see how emotions are captured and made present on the web now that it is populated with users no longer seeking content but primarily to engage and be social. Conveying emotions will be next in my opinion.

I’m not talking about status updates trying to convey the whole palette of human emotions, but micro-segmenting emotions and feelings. Imagine a place where you could instantly have rapport with another person and have your seratonin levels increased because you are expressing the same positive emotional states. Complete strangers being brought together on the web to make each other happy in under 5 seconds. It would be a beautiful thing.

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