Giving Epic Thanks

by Josh Opinion on November 23, 2010

Today, I get to join countless others as part of who have conspired to take over the web with gratitude.

Posting one thing is not enough, so here is a short list of things I have been grateful for over this year:

  1. My mom and sister… I promised I would take care of you, but it always seems you are the ones who become my pillars of strength and take care of me. You find unique and loving ways to teach me how to grow and be a better person (even when I think I know it all).
  2. My friends… you guys keep me sane, even though I manage to make each of you insane. I am grateful to be able to call you my friends. You know who you are.
  3. Mo Money, Mo Cures Team… 2 years in a row and I am speechless. The large majority of you on the team understand why I’ve made it a personal mission to support cancer foundations and organizations. For you to not only support that mission, but to become a part of it is something I can’t express my gratitude for.
  4. A certain agency in the Tampa Bay area whose owner gave me a job, so I could keep on my feet on the ground and head above water while I was transitioning careers. The spot was supposed to last only for a few months but you made it last almost a year.

    You said I don’t owe you anything, but I owe you a lot. I’ll find some way to repay you for your generosity (possibly by buying a 15 year adjustable rate mortgage ;).

  5. The current company I work for who gave me a chance when everyone else slammed the door in my face.
  6. Nate… I am almost convinced you don’t sleep, but that can be tough when you have the heart, vision, and determination as big as yours to change the world. I truly feel lucky to be part of the team.
  7. Jay Monee & Lauren… You guys show the world how far an act of kindness can really go. You don’t just lead by example, you live and breath it every week. 2011 is going to be something special.
  8. My mentors… the lessons and your personal stories over the years continue to serve me today.
  9. The team at Epic Thanks Tampa Bay… to see the culmination of what you put on Saturday and to be present for the genuine appreciation and gratitude the Halleys was something I won’t forget. Your hard work and huge hearts are an example of what selflessness and helping out others should be.

Do you have something you are grateful for? Then join us in using today to help spread gratitude across the web- update your Facebook status, tweet, e-mail, write a blog post… do something online to show your gratitude.

For more details check out Epic Thanks website HERE.

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