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by Josh Opinion on August 18, 2010

The following is a chain of e-mails of a guerilla tactic I used to develop a framework of why my friend should trade me Nate Kaeding (kicker for the San Diego Chargers) in fantasy football after 2 days of receiving a negative response.


E-mail 1 (above) from me to former co-worker:

I used to work in my friend’s office and contacted one of my former co-workers who is originally from San Diego and a hardcore Chargers fan. I asked her to send a pre-written e-mail from her work e-mail to my friend. The e-mail was as follows:

Hey Mike, need your football advice- do you think Greg Olsen and Jeff Reed is a good trade for Nate Kaeding? I think I am trading way too much for Kaeding- do you think so?

This was the trade I have been proposing over the last 2 days. I scripted this short e-mail in a way that if he didn’t get that he was being set-up he would give me further validation of why he should accept my trade.

For hilarity sake, he didn’t understand he was being set up.


E-mail 2 (above) from co-worker on response from my friend:

My friend writes:

Haha, it’s funny you ask… I have Nate Kaeding and OP [me] is doing everything he can to arrange a trade with me.

The big question in this situation is who is your current kicker and if you drop Olsen, do you have another tight end? Let me know, then I can really answer appropriately.

So now there is an indicator of interest that the same exact trade I have been pushing is fair.


E-mail 3 (above) to my former co-worker:

I gave her the name of another tight end (Visanthe Shiancoe). I am in disbelief he doesn’t understand she is proposing the same exact trade.


E-mail 4 (above) from co-worker forwarding me my friend’s reaction:

Ok ok ok… now I got it- tell OP I won’t be fooled by his ridiculous efforts to get my kicker!

Game over :(


Bonus E-mail (above):

Also, please tell him to go “F” himself… whenever you have a chance!

Well played sir. Well played.

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