Red Bull Sponsorship- Day 2

by Josh Opinion on August 11, 2010

I’ve got some people in the corporate offices reading my open letter to them, according to Facebook’s ad tracking platform:


So I can’t verify who exactly within the organization has viewed my letter, how long they stayed on my page, etc. At least Google Analytics should indicate if they actually read what I wrote.

Hopefully it won’t matter and I generate some sort of response by the end of tomorrow when the ad ends.

In developing another channel to reach them via Twitter. I’ve slowly began compiling a list of non-athletes/sponsored people who work for Red Bull in an attempts to see if I can direct them to my letter for sponsorship/whole sale pricing for individual consumption.

After doing research on LinkedIn, I found some people on Twitter and then looked into where they were listed. Low and behold there were Red Bull lists.

… and you thought I was joking about cutting a deal with Red Bull ;)

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