Red Bull Sponsorship- Day 1

by Josh Opinion on August 10, 2010

I decided this morning that I deserve a Red Bull sponsorship. I drink an inhuman amount on a daily basis. Here are some figures for you:

  • Consume Sugar Free Red Bull 5 out of 7 days (usually in the mornings)
  • Approximately 34 ounces consumed on a daily basis
  • $8.10/day with tax

You can do the math and crazy calculations to figure out the weekly/monthly/yearly consumption and economic ramifications on my personal finances.

Such dedication should not go un-noticed and brands should recognize true fans. There is a new type of extreme athlete in town- the extreme cerebral athlete who depends on the taurine nectar from the gods known as Red Bull to fuel their creativity, sharpen their mind, and provide them energy throughout the day. I am the first of this breed.

What did Day 1 consist of?

  • Writing a semi-humorous, semi-real, and 100% awesome letter to Red Bull requesting that they either sponsor me or provide access to their wholesale pricing but in limited quantities for personal consumption;
  • Developing a targeted Facebook ad solely for their employees. Copy of the ad creative (not very creative) below:

    Facebook Ad

We’ll see the response, if not we go to Plan B.

(Hopefully Facebook doesn’t throw in their generic advertising rules and block it from running tomorrow morning.)

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