Before and After Photos- Hiring Cleaners

by Josh Opinion on August 8, 2010

I’ve come to a conclusion that our Creator gives people unique abilities to share with the world. Unfortunately cleaning was one of those abilities not bestowed to me when I entered the Universe.

So I found someone ( cool site, used a promo code from some mom bloggers club to get 20% off for a month) who could help out and keep me in line.

You think it was worth it?

BEFORE- Bedroom

IMG00180-20100807-1306 IMG00181-20100807-1306


AFTER- Bedroom

IMG00189-20100808-1159 IMG00190-20100808-1159


BEFORE- Hallway


AFTER- Hallway


BEFORE- Bathroom


AFTER- Bathroom


I paid $50 to get them to do a deep clean of the bathroom and bedroom and fold some laundry. Did some work while they were cleaning. Still don’t know if it was too much to pay, but know it is the cleanest since I moved in.

You be the judge- keep using housekeepers?

  • sarah suhich

    the bathroom is the most impressive. i think you paid fairly :)

  • Josh Opinion

    Haha, duly noted Ms. Tiny :)

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