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by Josh Opinion on August 26, 2010

Photo from daninhercules

I was checking out a past blog I tried to run and found this post from early in January 2010. Totally forgot about writing it, but here is a part of it:

[…]instinct to do something that would help others in 2010. Not to go into too many details (I’ll save it for another post), but in 2009 I found my true calling was in helping other people, nonetheless complete strangers I have never met. Literally out of nowhere on a Friday afternoon at work, an idea moved me so much that I started to take immediate action and get the ball rolling… purchased the domains, mapped out the idea on paper, etc. That vision was to create a Gen Y community focused on doing random acts of kindness and to inspire other people to do the same. A movement built on the momentum of kindness. For the past month, I’ve been working out the development of the idea and feel pretty confident on which way to take it.

That idea never went through, because I not just found people who went out of their way to do random acts of kindness but also a community focused on doing it.

What I see these people doing on a weekly basis is incredible. Some literally have dedicated their lives to it.

It awesome to watch, but more humbling to be a part of.

I have a big smile on my face right now because I can trace exactly when I had this idea-

  • the idea came right before Christmas when I had to was working a temp job at for an insurance agency that I was horrible at ;
  • to getting in the internet trenches and finding GenY influencers/communities;
  • to finding 20 Something Bloggers community and posting my idea and someone telling me to check out ItStartsWith.Us;
  • to writing an email that resembled a novel to the founder about my idea,
  • to working on a video project with the community and kind of upsetting a large scale, well respected magazine ;)

… and the idea keeps growing in more manifestations than I could have an idea. There is a lot more people and amazing ideas I have run across by chasing that one thought. This is just one example.

What truly made me smile is the innate potential of an idea. That when you follow right thought, it usually takes you to the right places even if you know didn’t expect the path it lead you on.

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