Thinking about decisions

by Josh Opinion on October 7, 2013

Lying on the couch watching playoff baseball, thinking how much time I’ve wasted tonight.

(Also thinking about why I ate so much Chinese food)

We make decisions everyday.

Each moment is technically a decision.

Choosing not to think and to stay in your comfort zone is the easiest way to live a wasted life.


The Smart Watch a Good Idea?

by Josh Opinion on August 20, 2013

Not opposed to the idea, but how connected is too connected? How many screens are too many?

Walk into a Starbucks and you’ll see a ton of people buried in some screen.

Run into me and I’m most likely on my iPhone.

The app space needs something that can start separating the signal from the noise in people’s digital lives.


Props to Feedly

by Josh Opinion on August 8, 2013

I don’t get too impressed by the bells and whistles of new apps and web tools, so that is why I am impressed by Feedly:

  • Simple, minimal design.
  • Easy to add content.
  • Suprisingly easy to discover content.
  • Intuitive to use.

It’s not a replacement to Google Reader, its better.


Detoxing and Rebalancing

by Josh Opinion on July 25, 2013

In an effort to rebalance and detox my body, I started on this juicing/vegetarian diet. Pretty much for 6 out of  7 days I am eating cleaner and healthier than I ever have . (Cheat day once per week)

I’m pretty surprised about one thing though: I get pretty aggressive thoughts during the day.

Yeah, I get all that “I feel clean and refreshed stuff” that people talk about but in terms of the mind I get a spell of aggression that lasts only a few minutes.

My mental clarity and acuity seems better though.

Is that normal?


How to Spam Yourself on Twitter

by Josh Opinion on May 23, 2013

(If you decide to read this, just note it is pretty much a rant on how much I hated myself for acting like a tool for trying to inflate my Twitter account a few years ago. There is no real point to this post other than don”t do what I did.)

There is a loop hole in growing your Twitter following that works pretty effectively.

If you look at the ratio of followers to following, you’ll notice something about those close to a 1:1 ratio… they all follow back.

99% of them have an auto-follower program that will follow back and will help start growing your account.

Some of those accounts are real. Most are spam.

Almost all are spam.

Who cares?

It looks like you have a huge following!

(That’s what she said)

Start using this technique enough and you’ll get placed on lists with the name “Team Follows Back”… then you get more people to follow you!

This is the perfect situation – it’s exactly where you want to be – more spam bots can easily find you – you’re officially a social media expert.

The only problem is, you’ll get spammed and then Twitter starts to suck.

Receiving the same messages from thousands of Forex traders, life coaches, and social media consultants (all who can make you rich while working from home) is not fun.

I used a program to clean it all up in 2 weeks. Problem solved. But I lost about 1500 followers :(


Twitter is fun again.

I now understand the meaning of serendipity.

Might have even seen a unicorn.



Lessons from a dry cleaner

by Josh Opinion on May 6, 2013

The dry cleaner that lives next to me could work on setting more competitive prices.

Every time I pay I tell myself I’ll use someone cheaper… but I still end up using the same guys.

(Yeah, part of it is because the dry cleaner lives so close)


… every time I go in there the staff knows me by name and always thanks me for my business.

They started doing this after my first visit. To be honest, I don’t even know their names.

I’ve never encountered a business that is as warm and considerate as the owner and his staff.

What would happen if you tried to made a sincere effort to remember everyone’s name?

What would happen if you thanked everyone (even for the smallest things)?


Feel like a fool, go to the gym

by Josh Opinion on April 30, 2013

It took me about an hour and a half to go to the gym this morning.

Woke up at wide awake at 4AM.

The little voice in my head told me to go back to sleep. My logic told me to go to the gym.

It went on and off like this for the next hour and a half (taking 10-15 minute naps in between, of course).

Finally I put on my shoes to get ready.

Then I laid back down.

That’s when I felt like a fool.

All suited up for the gym and I still was choosing to sleep?

Disappointed that was even an option, I headed out the door.

This was one of those rare instances making yourself  feel like a fool is constructive.

(on the dance floor, not so much)


Learning from an Analytics Custom Report

by Josh Opinion on April 29, 2013

Everyday at work I check a Google Analytics Custom report that I built.

Within 5 minutes, the report provides a pulse of how a few sites performed over any time period. Everything is built to focus on less than 5 metrics and what helped drove performance to those metrics.

The sad thing though is there’s no custom reports for your life.

How do you know how you stacked up from yesterday, week over week, month over month, etc.?

Everything I measure is really qualitative:

… I feel this way today versus yesterday.

… based on this one thing I did yesterday, today is better/worse.

… I feel better about how I went about task ABC.

Those are all feel good things. They’re necessary I guess, but they lack real performance benchmarks.

Going forward I’m mapping out 5 key things I want to improve on and placing it in a Google spreadsheet. Have it accessible at all times from anywhere.

The goal is simple,

  • +1 if I did something that made me advance towards improvement
  • 0 if I did some something that kept me on the same level
  • - 1 if I did something that took away from advancing

Tally everything up at the end of the week.

+SUM(Health:Finances) [lame Excel joke]

Simple enough.

We’ll see.

(Probably shouldn’t have ate that popcorn chicken at lunch. -1)


A tweet that made me think

by Josh Opinion on April 28, 2013

Pretty funny when growing up you wonder why your parents are always worried about you.

Then I tweeted the above when I got to my mom’s house and she wasn’t responding to my texts.

She was at Church and forgot I was stopping by to visit.

I get why they were worried now ;)


My Best (and only) Time Saving App

by Josh Opinion on April 27, 2013

I have a lot of apps on my phone. Probably use only 10% of them.

A lot of them are supposed to make me super human and free up time to do more super human stuff. In reality, they consume most of my time with stuff I really don’t care about.

Damn you, YouTube. Curse you, Reddit. WTF, Chive. Middle finger to you, Quora.

So what is the best (and only) time saving app on my phone?

Great Clips.

Yeah, the cheap hair cut joint.

That app will always save 10-15 minutes and not force me to wait excessively.

Brilliant, because I need more time to play around with my useless apps.